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Manufy is a member driven 360-degree solution to connect brands, suppliers, and other providers in Europe. We offer simple matchmaking, to 1 to 1 consultancy services, depending on the pain points that you need help with within your brand.

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Manufy platform offers a comprehensive solution, simplifying your production process from start to finish, streamlining your sustainable fashion journey.

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Showcase your sustainable production practices and collaborate with brands on Manufy platform - the first B2B sustainable sourcing platform in Europe!


Through Manufy, we are able to connect to different high quality sustainable manufacturers throughout Europe. The marketplace is helping us save time and allows clear communication with partners. Moreover, transactions with these manufacturers are protected with a guarantee, which makes it much safer to sample with new partners.

Eugenié Haitsma Muiler
Co-Owner of MARTAN

The feeling of never being alone while navigating the complexities of production is something we particularly cherish about Manufy. Their professional and specific assistance ensures that there is always a solution at hand, no matter the challenge.

Ludwig and Leander

Manufy helped me find new manufacturing partners for all kinds of categories for our loungewear brand. The communications system made it easy to browse through agreements with different manufacturers streamlining my production planning.

Karel Bosman
Co-Founder of Pockies

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