Anna Roos van Wijngaarden
January 17, 2024

Inclusive accessories for an imperfect world: the story of

It’s not easy to tackle both the social and environmental sides of sustainability within the same profitable business model. has found a way, based on the premise that the Circular Economy is not merely an ideal but a modus operandi. Silvia Correia played a key role from the beginning in turning's value-based concept into a successful reality.

Editorial Team
December 14, 2023

Step up your shoe game: how to find a manufacturer in Europe?

From Italy to Spain to Portugal, Europe is renowned as the place to get your shoe line produced. Premium materials, skilled (old) creatives that have learned the craft from their grandmothers and fathers. It’s all true, but you still need to know some things before you can get started. This guide will help you navigate the market.

Anna Roos van Wijngaarden
December 6, 2023

What it really takes to produce locally | Ethical Expectations

New businesses tend to have unrealistic expectations of sustainable production. We’re here to level them out. We asked one of our favorite manufacturers on the platform about realistic lead times and product specifications – they go hand in hand.

Anna Roos van Wijngaarden
November 22, 2023

How to launch a brand with Larissa Rosanna Pen

Step into the world of LUNA et SOLEIL, where ambition meets elegance and luxury. We had a chat with brand owner Larissa Rosanna Pen on her journey as an entrepreneur. The best part is that she used Manufy to create her timeless, tailored pieces and of course we wanted to know all about the process. Learn from Larissa as we dive a little deeper.

Anna Roos van Wijngaarden
November 15, 2023

The promise of digital wardrobes: lessons from a digital stylist

Have you heard of the 'digirobe' yet? Digital wardrobe apps are like virtual closets. You upload your real clothes, organize them, and plan outfits digitally. Some even let you try on outfits virtually. From a fashion brand angle, it's not just about seeing consumers happy; it's a data goldmine. We asked 'digital stylist' Anna Ruiz, a frequent user of digital apps, to tell us how she feels about them.

Anna Roos van Wijngaarden
November 1, 2023

Understanding EPR for textiles | Legislation Preparation

In Legislation Preparation we tackle political monsters from the original documents to the concrete solution in a language we can all understand. On the menu today: the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Anna Roos van Wijngaarden
October 25, 2023

5 tips for young brands from designer Wendy Tobeas

It was approximately three years ago when Wendy Tobeas started BOEALOE, a slow fashion brand with a high-fashion soul. This year marks the beginning of her production journey with a small capsule collection made ethically in Bulgaria. We recently had a brief coffee date with her to discuss the most significant challenges she has faced and to translate them into concrete advice for young brand owners. Listen up.

Anna Roos van Wijngaarden
October 24, 2023

All you need to know about the CSRD | Legislation Preparation

In our "Legislation Preparation" section, we break down those seemingly daunting legislative monsters into language everyone can grasp. Today, let's talk about the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Anna Roos Van Wijngaarden
October 10, 2023

Norwegian Wool And Italian Patternmakers | O.A.D

STITCHED is an audio series in which we delve into Europe's booming fashion landscape. We talk with brands, manufacturers, and experts about everything made in Europe. In our first episode, we pay a visit to the headquarters of Devold [...]