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Sustainability policy

We take sustainability seriously.

Transparency is key

Sustainability lies at the core of Manufy’s mission. We believe that transparency is the most important factor in assessing the suitability of a manufacturer. Together with our partners Ecopreneur and Fashion for Change we have developed several tools to help us understand the businesses on our platform.

Manufacturer verification procedure

European manufacturers wishing to join Manufy must undergo a thorough validation process in order to gain access to the platform. This onboarding process consists of the following steps:

1. Video call - evaluation

An onboarding specialist from Manufy conducts a video conference with the manufacturer. In this meeting they guide the manufacturer through a set of 21 questions which cover the following details:

Basic company and facility information
Operation capabilities
Waste policies
Energy usage and reduction policies
Supplier transparency
Information about recyclability and end of life solutions
Carbon emissions
Current previous and future sustainability themed practises

2. Suggestments for improvements

After establishing a baseline of the sustainability level of a manufacturer, it is our aim to improve it. We offer various third-party solutions that can assist the manufacturer improve their overall sustainability through consultancy, subsidies and partnerships.

3. Video tour of the manufacturing facility

Finally, we request the supplier to provide a live video tour of their facilities to ensure they match the descriptions provided.

Manufy Values

With Manufy Values both brands and manufacturers can display their most valued practices in terms of sustainability. A manufacturer is required to upload proof for each Manufy Value to be considered on their profile. If the proof meets our criteria, brands can then view the validated Manufy Value on the manufacturer’s profile and use it as a filter when looking for a supplier. Brands can also request the uploaded proof to ensure it aligns with their requirements.

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We do what we can

As a digital platform, it will always be difficult to be 100% certain about the details provided. We encourage brands to do additional research when working with a specific supplier, especially if they require extra information or wish to perform due diligence. At Manufy we make sure that all information is uploaded correctly and ready to use for brands to navigate through the profiles. We strive to continuously improve our verification processes as we grow as a platform, knowing it will be a never ending process.

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