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Circular apparel platform Manufy and deadstock supplier The Fabric Connector join forces

May 8, 2024

Amsterdam, 3 May 2024 – Circular apparel platform Manufy is launching a range of deadstock materials, enabling fashion brands to create sustainable collections in Europe. The fabrics are provided by The Fabric Connector, a Dutch company that 'reclaims' leftover premium textiles.

The Fabric Connector has a large network of fabric suppliers and fashion brands with surplus fabrics from productions. Through a synchronization of their catalog, this 'deadstock' is now accessible to Manufy users. The collaboration unburdens brands in their production process by taking the sourcing of these materials out of their hands.

More than 1300 fabrics have already been imported. The textiles are provided by suppliers with department stores in Europe. Materials from The Fabric from further away are not visible on the platform. In this way, the collaboration aligns with Manufy's nearshoring philosophy.

Nout Knabben, founder of Manufy, is pleased with the collaboration: "This is a big step for Manufy. We need parties like The Fabric Connector to make circular production possible."

The fashion industry accounts for a large share of global CO2 emissions. By opting for deadstock instead of virgin fabrics, brands can reduce their carbon footprint. They also prevent waste by 'saving' textile waste from landfills and incinerators.

The mission of The Fabric Connector is to minimize the use of virgin materials in the textile industry and to promote deadstock as a sustainable alternative. As a production platform with hundreds of brands and manufacturers, Manufy provides a strong foundation.

Bas Slootman, founder of The Fabric Connector: "We are excited about the collaboration. Manufy understands the significance of material choices in brands' sustainability strategies. Prioritizing existing materials is crucial for the transition to circularity."

The collaboration with The Fabric Connector is in line with Manufy's new strategy since the relaunch in February: expanding its service offering to guide clothing brands more intensively towards a sustainable and circular business model.

Click here to view the range of deadstock fabrics.

About The Fabric Connector

With over 30 years of experience in the textile industry, The Fabric Connector saw the need for a solution to overproduction. There are millions of meters of high-quality fabric remnants available in the world, ready to be transformed into new garments. The company's mission is to connect textile manufacturers and suppliers with brands that want to use this 'deadstock' to produce more responsibly or in smaller quantities.

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