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How to launch a brand with Larissa Rosanna Pen

November 22, 2023

Step into the world of LUNA et SOLEIL, where ambition meets elegance and luxury. We had a chat with brand owner Larissa Rosanna Pen on her journey as an entrepreneur. The best part is that she used Manufy to create her timeless, tailored pieces and of course we wanted to know all about the process. Learn from Larissa as we dive a little deeper.

From idea to developing the Luminous Blazer

Step 1: Starting phase

‘LUNA et SOLEIL was born from my desire to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, to break free from working for others and create something unique. With a deep passion for fashion, it became evident that I wanted to establish a clothing brand. My fascination with the universe was undeniable, so I decided to incorporate it into my clothing line. The idea for the niche market fell into place, shaping a brand tailored for the ambitious woman. I immediately started sketching as ideas poured in endlessly! All designs exude a certain elegance and luxury. Once the sketches were finalized, I began my search for manufacturers.’

Step 2: discovering Manufy

‘I quickly found my way to the Manufy platform, where European brands and manufacturers with a commitment to sustainability converge. Sustainability is a non-negotiable requirement for LUNA et SOLEIL. As the owner of this brand, I must be able to justify my choices. I cannot do that if I know an excess of chemicals has been used or if there is an overreliance on synthetic materials, which are neither biodegradable nor environmentally friendly, contributing to microplastic pollution in our waters. Manufy is incredibly user-friendly, especially for beginners like me. I started by filling out project details, specifying delivery methods and dates. I could easily add my products and upload my sketches. Manufacturers use tech-packs, and even though I did not need one myself, Manufy provides guidance even in that aspect.’

Step 3: development phase

‘After submitting the project, I entered a waiting period. I quickly connected with various manufacturers and ended up choosing a manufacturer in Slovenia. They immediately grasped my vision: an anthracite blazer in an elegant and luxurious style, crafted from a high-quality fabric. I specified my preference for 100% wool, and they presented several options. Manufy facilitated smooth communication with manufacturers, as the chats were automatically translated. After discussing fabrics, details, etc., the first sample was created through our collaboration.

Step 4: Sample inspectation

‘After receiving the sample of the first blazer, I was pleasantly surprised. The blazer was exactly as I hoped: a beautiful anthracite piece, made from 100% wool, strong and meticulously finished. All that was left was the finishing touch: the labels on the inside of the blazer and a subtle tag on the sleeve.’

Step 5: Launching

‘Now that the finishing touch is completed, the first items are ready to go to market. I plan to launch the blazer in anthracite and beige, paired with matching wide-legged trousers. I am immensely grateful to Manufy; they ensured smooth communication between LUNA et SOLEIL and sustainable manufacturers, contributing to the growth of a better future in the fashion industry.’


At LUNA et SOLEIL, we celebrate the profound influence of fashion, where every stitch and silhouette embodies the power to uplift, inspire, and transform. From professional boardrooms to casual outings, our collection seamlessly adapts to every facet of your lifestyle. Whether you're heading to a high-powered meeting or enjoying a leisurely stroll, our garments effortlessly transition between work and play. At LUNA et SOLEIL we live by our motto: 'Always look ready to achieve,' empowering you to shine in any situation, embodying success in every moment.

Our dedication to sustainability resonates in every detail. Through our collaboration with Manufy, a platform uniting environmentally conscious brands and manufacturers across Europe, each garment is thoughtfully crafted, ensuring impeccable quality and a clear conscience. Via the Manufy platform, we are shaping the future of sustainable fashion, one ethical stitch at a time.

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