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Manufy selected for funding and innovation project SoTecIn Factory

June 6, 2024

Amsterdam, 5 June 2024 – Circular clothing platform Manufy has been selected for the EU-funded SoTecIn Factory project, with an initial funding of EUR 15,000 and additional support to improve and expand circular solutions on the platform.

Manufy has been chosen as one of the 25 winners of the project's second Open Call, due to the platform's high potential to stimulate circularity in the European fashion industry. The investment will be used to further expand the platform with new circular solutions for fashion brands that want to improve their sustainability strategy and reduce their environmental footprint.

SoTecIn Factory is a network of social innovation startups with technology-driven solutions for higher R strategies for the circular economy. They develop low-carbon technologies and business models for various sectors, including textiles, to address stringent challenges in circularity. Manufy is committed to the transition of the fashion industry, with a platform for sustainable sourcing and circular solutions.

Nout Knabben, founder of Manufy, is proud to participate in the project: "We are pleased to be recognized as a leading innovator in technology-driven circularity solutions. With our participation in this program, we can improve and expand our circularity services for fashion brands."

Click here for an overview of all the winners and their innovative technologies.

About the SoTecIn Factory project

The EU-funded SoTecIn Factory project supports companies in making European supply chains more sustainable. The project provides financial support and capacity building to 50 social innovations and 30 pre-market demonstration projects, focusing on circular strategies such as reuse, repair, and refurbishing. In addition to the support program, there is a budget of EUR 3.3 million for funding. The 25 selected innovations of Open Call 2 will each be awarded up to EUR 15,000 in phase 1. Of this group, 15 innovators will participate in a technology demonstration with up to EUR 85,000 additional funding for phase 2.

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