The Sustainables

Melisa Monti
May 31, 2020

Good-looking and low waste lifestyle products, that’s what The Sustainables represents.
They make sustainable and reusable products that replace single-use plastic in your
everyday life. By making the world a little greener with their sustainable products, there is
one thing they do not want to give up on: design! Design makes The Sustainables unique.

Products of The Sustainables
The Sustainables produces, among other things, reusable snack bags as a replacement for
single-use plastic sandwich bags, reusable beeswax wrap as a replacement for plastic cling
film and fruit- and vegetable bags made of organic cotton to replace the plastic and paper
bags in supermarkets and markets. These three products are perfect to use on the go, in the
kitchen and when travelling.

The brand is expanding their product range to make it even easier for the world to reduce
single-use plastic. Besides product development, The brand is looking for a collaboration
with non-profit organizations. Their goal is to start planting trees together, as the
Sustainables wants to give back to the earth.

Lower the footprint
Core values to support the supply chain of The Sustainables are that their practices are
ethical, fair and social. The Sustainables live up to these elements to meet the expectations
of the customers. That is why the brand demands a lot of their suppliers. To ensure
sustainability, the brand has strict requirements and expects compliance, otherwise they do
not collaborate with them.

The brand takes every possibility to lower the footprint. Products are all made from organic or
recycled materials, the shipments to their customers are plastic-free and carbon neutral and
they do not use physical flyers and promotional materials.

Connection with Manufy
The reason The Sustainables connected with Manufy is because of the ease to source from
suppliers in Europe. They have partnerships with suppliers in China, but the distance their
products must travel is too far. Manufy will live up to the strict regulations and expectations of
the brand. Their long-term plan is to source products closer to home and not have to give in
to their expectations towards manufacturers. The Sustainables: “Manufy is something where
we have been waiting for!”.