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Fashion industry in Estonia

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Importance of the clothing sector in Estonia

Located between the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, Estonia is renowned for its beautiful scenery, technological advancement, and extraordinary architecture. Recognized for being a leading exporter, Estonia’s textile and apparel industry, represented by various manufacturing companies in Estonia, holds an important role. The value of the Estonian clothing sector is approximately 310.4 million Euros as of 2019. Though this value declined in 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s projected that it will increase once the global economy opens up.

Popular products of the clothing sector in Estonia

Estonian companies specialize in manufacturing the common types of clothing such as trousers, shirts, blouses, skirts, outdoor wear, warm wear, blazers, jumpers, suits for men and women, swimwear, underwear, activewear, and other types of clothing for men, women, and children. These are some of the popular clothing products that highlight the manufacturing companies in Estonia.

The locations of manufacturing companies in Estonia

With around 150 apparel manufacturing companies in Estonia, the industry is distributed across various cities.. Tallinn, one of the largest cities in Estonia is home to 58 companies while Tartu has 11 of them. Sillamae, which is located in the northern part of Estonia has 3 companies; Hiiumma Vald has 3; Parnu has 3 and Viljandi Vald has three. The other clothing manufacturing companies are spread out across Estonia.

Manufacturing techniques of the clothing sector in Estonia

Estonia is one of the most technologically advanced countries in Europe, and clothing manufacturers have greatly benefited from hi-tech clothing production technologies. Manufacturing companies in Estonia benefit from hi-tech solutions in designing, sewing, and finishing. Everything from silhouette pattern development and grading to embroidery and fusion is automated to save time and produce high-quality clothing.

By integrating new technologies in clothing production, Estonian companies have been able to produce excellent quality and new styles within no time, putting manufacturing companies in Estonia on the map.

Why choose clothing manufacturing companies in Estonia?

Estonia’s clothing sector offers the most advanced sewing machines, a highly skilled labor force, and a low cost of production as compared to many of their European counterparts. The average monthly wage in the clothing sector ranges from 850 Euros to 1250 Euros per month.

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