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Fashion industry in Greece

Find your new clothing manufacturer in Greece.

Importance of the clothing sector

The Greek clothing industry has undergone major transformations since the civilizations of Minoans, Mycenaeans, and ancient Greeks. Some of the factors that have shaped this industry include technological advancements and changing preferences for clothing among Greeks and foreign consumers. Also, Greece produces the finest cotton, and this has made the country a preferred destination for apparel production.

Popular clothing products

Today, apparel manufacturing companies in Greece produce a wide range of clothing products including traditional attire, designer clothing, casual wear, babies’ garments, and many more.

Manufacturing cities

Although Greece’s capital—Athens doesn’t compare to its counterparts like Paris when it comes to clothing production, their production capacity is still considerable. Designs inspired by Greek clothing designers are dominating the world’s catwalks and the demand for clothes manufactured in Greece is getting bigger and bigger.

There are more than 500 apparel manufacturing companies in Greece. Athens has around 86 apparel manufacturers, Thessaloniki has 88, and the others are spread out across Greece’s major cities and towns. These companies produce all kinds of clothing products from luxury apparel to low-cost clothing products.

Manufacturing techniques

Greeks have heavily invested in new technology which has enabled clothing manufacturers in Greece to produce clothing in bulk and at a lower production cost. Furthermore, clothing manufacturers use sustainably sourced raw materials to conserve the environment. For clothing manufacturing companies that are focused on sustainable apparel production, Greece is definitely a great destination to invest in.

Why choose Greece for apparel manufacturing?

Greece has some of the best apparel manufacturing experts. With its long experience in clothing production, Greece has invested in labor force to support the apparel industry. Therefore, access to skilled labor force at a lower cost is another advantage of clothing manufacturing companies. If you’re looking for sustainable production partners in Europe, Manufy can connect you to some of the best apparel manufacturers in Greece and other EU countries.

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