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Fashion industry in Luxembourg

Find your new clothing manufacturer in Luxembourg.

Importance of the clothing sector

Luxembourg’s clothing sector has declined considerably in recent years as manufacturers have relocated to other EU countries where the cost of production is lower. The number of manufacturing companies has reduced consistently since 2008. The country’s value of clothing exports has also decreased rapidly since 2014. In 2014, Luxembourg exported clothing products worth $155.56 million U.S. dollars. In 2019, the value of clothing exports from Luxembourg reduced to $48.94 million U.S. dollars.

Despite the decline in clothing production, Luxembourg offers many opportunities for investors. The country’s economy is very stable and citizens spend a substantial amount of money on clothing every year. In 2019, Luxembourg households spent 872 million Euros on clothing and related accessories.

Popular clothing products

Luxembourg is home to some of the best apparel manufacturing companies. Although the country’s clothing production is lower compared to other countries in Europe, it’s known to produce high-quality apparel.

Manufacturing techniques

Clothing manufacturing companies in Luxembourg use modern technologies such as computer-aided design for pattern making, pattern grading, and many other functions. They also use special-purpose machines to perform tasks like padding cycles, welt pocketing, tacking, dart stitching, profile stitching, contour seaming, button sewing and buttonholing.

Why choose Luxembourg for apparel manufacturing?

There are many opportunities in Luxembourg for clothing manufacturers who may want to open production lines in the country. Everything from access to larger markets and modern infrastructure to skilled workforce and political stability offers incredible opportunities for foreign and local investors.

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