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Sustainable consultants

Realising your sustainability goals can be a challenging endeavor, every brand or factory has its own special needs and challenges that need to be taken into account.

Meet Greenable & Sustainable Transformers

Greenable is an international sustainability platform (B2B2C). From Sustainability reporting & audit, sustainable & circular -Tech -Solutions matcher to E.U. funding/grants/calls trajectories up to green marketing strategies; their aim is to help organizations and institutions to transition into a sustainable and circular economy which forms the basis for a sustainable and resilient society and environment.

Alongside the Sustainable Transformers, who help company leaders direct their business into a sustainable direction by setting long term goals aligned with EU-regulations and the consequent criteria for financial transparency. These partners are able to offer valuable and practical solutions for users of the Manufy platform and accelerate their sustainability journey.

How it works?

Greenable and Sustainable Transformers have developed methodologies to analyze and identify the segments in your company which can be improved most effectively.
Schedule consultation
For this to work they need to schedule a call with you and conduct a free first consultation online, a couple of questions will be asked regarding your sustainability ambitions and company roadmap.
Get evaluated
During the consultation they will evaluate your eligibility for extra funding from your local government or the EU and identify key cost saving improvements for more sustainable business.
Plan execution
After the consultation they will send you an execute plan or ask to visit your company for further research.

European Union fundraising support

Learn how to recognise (I) the challenges of sustainability & circularity in my organisation (identifying, awareness, foundation).
If you want to explore (II) the challenges to get a better understanding of the complexity and (new) market possibilities, have a better view on the road ahead and the possible steps to take.
How to internalise (III)  and become independently able to develop and implement sustainable transitions that are aligned with the company mission & vision.
How to continue the Progress (IV) and become independent in the sustainable transformation (Improved / reinforced sustainable transition process / resilient ecosystem).
Checking on eligibility for EU funding (regional, country, european) following a:  2 Steps approach.

Sustainability partnership

From the start of Manufy we have been looking for partners that could help realise our sustainability goals and those of our clients. Greenable has been supportive for Manufy to find its quality in helping and supporting brands and manufacturers identify their sustainable targets and also how to make them reality. This is a very constructive partnership that helps accelerate the sustainable transition of the textile industry!

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