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How to find custom clothing manufacturers for startups?

When starting a business, finding suitable suppliers for your products is important. If you need custom clothing, it can be tough to find a manufacturer who can meet your needs. Here are some tips on how to find the best manufacturers for your startup. The global corporate apparel market is expected to reach $77.6 billion by 2026. This industry has great potential for entrepreneurs who want a competitive edge in business. So, how do you find the best custom clothing manufacturer for your startup? It all comes down to finding the right fit.

What are custom clothing manufacturers?

What is a custom clothing manufacturer? A custom clothing manufacturer is a business that provides made-to-order or ready-to-wear garments for its clients. These businesses typically can design, produce, and ship clothing items according to the specifications of their customers. There are many different types of custom clothing manufacturers, each with its strengths and weaknesses. For example, some may specialize in specific types of clothing like sportswear or outerwear, while others may be more generalist in their approach. Some custom clothing manufacturers work exclusively with businesses, while others cater to individual consumers. Knowing the difference between these two types of suppliers is vital before you start your search.

What to look for in a custom clothing manufacturer?

The best custom clothing manufacturers will be those that can meet your specific needs. You’ll need to consider key factors to find the right supplier for your business.

1. Type of clothing

The first thing you’ll need to think about is the type of clothing you want to have manufactured. Are you looking for sportswear that is designed for rigorous activity? Or formal wear, which is intended for more formal occasions? Perhaps you’re interested in casual wear, which can be worn for various everyday activities. Whichever type of clothing you choose, research the different types of available fabrics and find one that will be both comfortable and stylish.

2. Quantity

When it comes to quantity, how many garments do you need to produce? Are you looking for a one-time order or need a production partner for ongoing orders? It’s important to know what your needs are so that we can best serve you.

3. Quality

What level of quality are you looking for in your garments? Do you need top-of-the-line materials and construction, or are you more concerned with price? Quality control is an essential factor to consider when choosing a clothing manufacturer. Make sure to ask about the quality control measures that are in place. Also, find out how products are inspected and the process for dealing with defects. It is important to ask about the factory’s experience with your product type. If they have not manufactured your kind of product before, they may not be the best choice for you.

4. Lead time

How quickly do you need your garments? Are you willing to wait weeks or months for production, or do you need a quicker turnaround time? It’s crucial to consider the lead time when ordering custom garments. Some companies require weeks or months for production, while others can provide a quicker turnaround. If you need your garments quickly, inquire about the lead time before placing your order.

5. Price

What is your budget for manufacturing? Are you looking for the lowest price possible, or are you willing to pay more for a higher-quality product? Of course, pricing is an essential factor to consider when choosing a clothing manufacturer. Be sure to get quotes from multiple suppliers and compare prices side-by-side. Also, make sure to ask about discounts for larger orders.

6. Minimum order quantity

Regarding the minimum order quantity, it’s important to keep the manufacturing cost. Factories with a particular scale often have minimum requirements for a single item, so businesses starting should be mindful of this when ordering products. Although many factories have implemented flexible small-batch production customization, the unit price can be high if the quantity is too low. Therefore, ensuring your products are competitive in the market is essential.

7. Design services

If you’re looking for a custom clothing manufacturer who can help you with the design process, then be sure to ask if they offer design services. A good manufacturer will have experience in the type of clothing you’re looking for, and they should be able to provide you with samples of their work. This will give you a good idea of the quality of their work and whether or not it’s right for your needs.

8. Manufacturing location

When choosing a custom clothing manufacturer, it’s important to consider their location. If you’re looking for a local supplier, there are many options available, but if you’re willing to ship internationally, there are also many qualified manufacturers. Considering your options, you can find the perfect European clothing manufacturer for your needs on Manufy.

9. Certification

Does the custom clothing manufacturer have any relevant certifications? This is important to consider if you’re looking for eco-friendly or sustainable garments made under the best conditions.

10. References

When choosing a custom clothing manufacturer, ask for references from other businesses that have worked with them. Talk to their clients to get a sense of the quality of their work, service, and overall experience. This will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to work with them.

11. Experience

A good clothing manufacturer should have a lot of experience under their belt. You want to find a supplier who has a good reputation and is known for manufacturing high-quality products. Look for a company that has been in the business for a while and has a wealth of knowledge and resources. That way, you can be sure that they will be able to produce the best possible clothing for your business. The above factors are just a few things you’ll need to consider when looking for a custom clothing manufacturer. By taking the time to find the right supplier, you can be sure that your garments will be made to the highest standards and that your business will run smoothly.

Domestic and overseas custom clothing manufacturers

When you start your clothing business, firstly, you need to know about domestic and overseas clothing manufacturers. Understanding the difference between these two types of clothing suppliers is important.

Domestic custom clothing manufacturers

When it comes to domestic clothing manufacturers, you’re more likely to get higher-quality products with regulated labor standards—but they’ll arrive at a cost. It’ll be more expensive to manufacture clothing with a domestic supplier than with an overseas supplier. That said, there are some great benefits to working with domestic manufacturers.

Shipping will be much faster than if you were working with apparel manufacturers from overseas, and it’s also typically cheaper. One of the main benefits of working with domestic clothing manufacturers is that you can be assured of regulatory compliance. These regulations help to ensure that workers are treated fairly and not exploited. When you work with domestic manufacturers, you can be confident that they adhere to these standards. We always encourage you to check in person if you can.

Another benefit of working with domestic clothing manufacturers is building relationships more easily. This can help ensure the timely delivery of orders and good communication about your needs and expectations. When you work with an overseas supplier, there can be more of a disconnect, leading to problems further down the line.

Sustainability is vital to an increasing number of consumers, and European domestic clothing manufacturers are responding. As a result, more companies are looking for sustainable fashion sourcing options that don’t sacrifice quality or style. Manufy is one company focused on helping brands find the best possible manufacturing partners in Europe while adhering to the highest sustainability standards. So if you’re looking for a European domestic clothing manufacturer to help you meet your sustainability goals, we recommend reaching out to Manufy’s sourcing platform.

Shorter production times
Lower shipping costs
Easier to communicate with
Greater control over the manufacturing process
Lower minimum order requirements

Higher costs
More competition
More regulations to comply with

Working with a domestic manufacturer can help reduce your carbon footprint, as your clothes will not have to travel as far to get to you. This is a significant consideration if you want to be more eco-friendly in your fashion choices.

Overseas custom clothing manufacturers

When looking for a clothing manufacturer, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons of working with domestic and overseas suppliers. Domestic manufacturers often offer high-quality products but are also more expensive than overseas suppliers. On the other hand, overseas manufacturers usually have lower manufacturing costs, but the quality of the products may not be as good. It’s also important to be aware that many overseas manufacturers have poor labor standards, and child labor has been used in clothing production.

Just be sure to do your research and choose a reputable supplier. There are many great clothing manufacturers out there, especially in Europe. Considering all the factors involved is important before deciding which one to work with. Take your time researching different suppliers, and don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. Once you’ve found a manufacturer you trust, you can rest assured that your clothing is in good hands.

Lower costs
Less regulations to comply with
Bigger selection of manufacturers to choose from
Access to new markets

Longer production times
Higher shipping costs
Difficult to communicate with
Less control over the manufacturing process
Higher minimum order requirements

How to find the best clothing manufacturers?

If you’re looking for the best clothing manufacturers, you must do your research first. There are a lot of different factors to consider, such as price, quality, and delivery time. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Search engine

Google is an excellent resource for finding custom apparel manufacturers for startups. Search engine operators can find specific manufacturers in your area or other countries. However, it’s important to do your research before selecting a manufacturer. Ask the right questions and compare multiple options before making a final decision.

Online directories

Many online directories in Europe list clothing manufacturers, like Manufy’s sourcing platform. These directories can help you quickly find and contact potential suppliers. However, it’s still important to do your research before selecting a manufacturer. Review reviews and compare multiple options before making a final decision.


The best way to find clothing manufacturers is by asking for recommendations. If you know someone in the industry, ask them where they recommend, and chances are that these businesses will provide both professional services and great products at fair prices!

Facebook groups

There are loads of great Facebook groups filled with supportive entrepreneurs looking to give back to the community. We recommend joining groups like Shopify Entrepreneurs or Kingpinning and using any available resources to help you find a clothing manufacturer for your business.

Read through the group’s rules and ask questions about starting your clothing brand. You’ll be able to get tons of helpful advice from other entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes before.

Compare prices and quality

Once you’ve found a few potential clothing manufacturers, comparing prices and quality is important. Make sure to ask for quotes from multiple suppliers and compare them side-by-side. Also, ask about the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and turnaround time. These are essential factors to consider when choosing a supplier.

Check reviews

When you’re narrowing down your choices, be sure to check reviews. You can find reviews on directories like Manufy. You can also ask for recommendations from people in your network. Checking reviews is a great way to get an idea of what it’s like to work with a particular supplier. Always read the reviews carefully and pay attention to any red flags. If you see many negative reviews, avoiding that supplier is probably best.

These are all great resources for finding clothing manufacturers. But Manufy is especially helpful for finding local custom clothing manufacturers in Europe.can help you find the perfect manufacturer for your business based on your specific needs and requirements.


Trying to find the proper clothing manufacturer can be a daunting task, especially for startups. There are many factors to consider to find the best fit for your company. However, by taking the time to research and understand everything about custom clothing manufacturers, you can make the best decision for your business. Keep these things in mind when searching for domestic or overseas clothing manufacturers: capabilities, experience, price, minimums, lead times, quality control, and communication.

Also, consider if they are an excellent cultural fit for your company. Following these tips, you will find the best clothing manufacturer for your startup. You can find lists of companies that make custom clothing by searching online. Services like Manufy can also help connect you with the proper manufacturer for your needs.

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