Production partners

Design consulting

Do you have no clue where to start with your new brand? Or do you need help with your designs and the creation of a Tech Pack (design and measurements combined)? Check out everything you need to know about Tech Pack.

Sustainable consultants

Together with our partner Greenable/Sustainable transformers we can help you get solar panels, new machinery or make your supply chain more efficient, while applying for EU funding.

Sustainable fabrics

Recovo is a B2B resale platform where brands can buy and sell excess fabrics. We contribute to a circular future in fashion through technology, traceability and the power of the community.

Sustainable packaging

Packaging and returns are one of the most wasteful practises at the end of the supply chain, Repack offers a solution to make this completely circular and help reduce your ecological impact as a brand.

Garment impact analysis

The “bAwear Score” tool is designed to make the calculation of the environmental footprint of textile products simpler, more reliable, more transparent, more efficient and less time consuming.