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Manufy Values

Highlight your brand identity by adding values to your production request.

Start with transparency

The demand for sustainable and ethical fashion is on the rise. A growing number of consumers are increasingly mindful of the environmental and social implications of their purchases. Often times manufacturers are not transparant which makes it hard finding a production partner that aligns with the values of your brand. Manufy Values are made for brands and manufacturers to showcase their priorities regarding sustainable production practices.

Discover how Manufy Values can help you find the right production partner

Transparent manufacturers

Recognize the Manufy Values on the profile pages of our manufacturers. All of these values have been checked and verified by us.

Improved matchmaking

Add the values that are important for your brand to your next production request so manufacturers know your production requirements from the start.

Showcase your values

Display your most important values on your profile and showcase what points are the most important for your brand.

Improve your environmental impact

Take the sustainability of your brand a step further using the following practices.

Take social responsibility

By finding a manufacturer that values ethical working conditions, you can help prevent labor exploitation, promote fair wages, and support workers’ rights.

Reduce your footprint

Produce locally, recycle old fabrics and/or reduce waste to reduce the ecological footprint of your next collection.

Become future-proof

Make great but difficult choices and make sure your brand has a place in the future of our beautiful industry.

Explore the Manufy Values

Zero waste

Organic cotton

Women-owned business


Made in Europe

Low water usage

Renewable energy usage

No chemical used

Ethical labor


Product passport

Carbon offsetting

Transparent supply chain

Made to order


Eco packaging

Recycled fabrics

Frequently asked questions

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What are the Manufy values?

The Manufy values are a set of ethical and sustainable production practices that we encourage all manufacturers and brands on our platform to adopt. You as brands to select and add values to your production request. By adding values to your production request, you will give extra credibility and purpose towards the potential manufacturers. Manufacturers use the Manufy values to prove how they are working towards a more sustainable and ethical manufacturing industry. We believe that this is a crucial step towards bringing transparent information to brands about sustainability and also rewarding manufacturers that are improving their businesses to be more visible.Add to your production request the Manufy Values your brand identifies with. If your brand has the same values as the factory then their profile will be promoted as best match for your requirements to get the best results!

How do I add Manufy values to my brand or production request?

During your brand registration process or on your company information you can add values to your brand profile. While placing a production request you can also add individual values that are then matched with manufacturers. We provide a detailed list of the Manufy values on our website below, along with examples of best practices for each value. We encourage you to review these values and best practices, and to seek guidance from our team if you have any questions or concerns about how to apply them.

How do I apply for the Manufy values?

As a brand you don't need to apply to have your values added to your production request. You can just select them from the list to show what you think is important. As a manufacturer you go to you profile where you can upload your certification, documents or other means of proving your commitment to that particular value.

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